Thin Joint System

The Thin Joint System is quick, effective and a simple method of laying blockwork. The jobs carried out is more effcient when this system is used, due to all the time it save, to allow any future works to be done, form the basic shell. The Thin Joint System includes a specialist glue mixture rather than the traditional Mortar mixture.

The Thin Joint System has firmly established itself across the Uk and Europe and still growing with it being used more everyday. 

This system enables a superb thermal and sound insulation qualities, it is also high resistance to water penetration, fire, frost & sulfate attack.

There are three main advantages of using the thin joint system;


  • Increases bond strength.
  • More courses layed due to sturdiness of joints and beds.
  • Easliy mixed.
  • Easliy layed.
  • Using tools that keep consistancy making no room for mistakes.


  • Improved Thermal Capabilities.
  • Improved stability whilst constructing.
  • Improved build accuracy.
  • Less wastage of other materials.


  • Easy to adapt or extend.
  • Easier to overcome problems.
  • Diffrent finished available.

The Thin Joint System is the new and best way to construct. It will grow more and more popular the more it is used.

All of our Brickwork Team are fully trained and qualified with The Thin Joint System.

The Thin Joint System meets the National Building Regulation requirements.



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